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Leadership and Organisational Development

Leadership and Organisational Development

The cost of employee disengagement is vast, every possible indicator, insight and survey tells a tale of woe, current leadership & performance management models just aren’t working. The good news though is that effective, authentic leadership positively affects the performance of your organisation at every level...

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Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching

The power of identifying, developing & deploying your natural talents to become the very best version of yourself cannot be underestimated, and yet only 2 out of 10 of us believes we regularly play to our Strengths at work.

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Engaging Internal Communcation

Engaging Internal Communcation

The third key area in which I can help and support you is in the design, creation & execution of engaging colleague communication activity.
This is an area in which I thrive and deliver effective cut through often on a shoe string budget...

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I offer expertise in the areas of employee engagement, employee communication and organisational development. I am also an advocate of Servant Leadership and Cliftons Strengths Coach. Book a free 30 mins call with me, I'd be happy to hear what's on your mind!

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Servant Leadership work for Barclaycard

Employee Engagement Lead


" I have worked very closely with Angie over th last 12 months and during that time she has proven her vast experience,unique insights,great passion and a real ability to get things done over and again.

Angie was not only behind many of our Group-Leading colleague engagement campaigns but also created and managed most of Barclaycard's learning events including curating five large scale AgileFests.She has introduced a range of personal productivity practices and techniques (inc Strengths Finder) and helped hundreds of collegues to get better at what they do, to collaborate better and has helped us embed learning,reflection and continuous improvement into our work. "


Milan Juza

Agile Transformation Director at Barclaycard

" Having the right culture is at the heart of how an organisation operates and it's one of the most difficult transformations to deliver. Angie helped us move towards leveraging agile delivery methods and transform the way we work. One of the most inspirational,creative and energetic people I've worked with.

Angie has challenged our way of thinking and truly changed the way we work. I can't thanks Angie enough for her help and support."

Roy Aston

Barclaycard Group CIO

Angie is a truly dynamic leader; successfully balancing the need to work at speed and ensure a strong strategic approach is applied to all initiatives. She has a natural skill in translating complex messages into clear, understandable communications for a wide range of stakeholders, resulting in genuine, strong relationships with individuals both internally and externally.

Emma Waplington-Allan

Audit Manager, Conduct Risk and Culture at RBS

Angie has a unique ability to create cut-through communications in a complex organisation. I've been impressed with how Angie can connect with and engage colleagues at all levels across diverse backgrounds. Working with Angie has been an immensely gratifying experience. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to co-create, collaborate and learn with Angie.

Kerry Jarvis

Head of Portfolio Demand Planning Barclaycard

Angie has a real talent for quickly getting to the heart of the matter, engineering a solution that is engaging, whilst delivering outstanding results. A wealth of actionable wisdom, I learned a great deal from our time together as colleagues. I've hired her personally to coach my own team, and I sincerely hope to have the pleasure of working together in the future.

Andrew Kidd

Leadership Effectiveness Coach